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Many of you already know that the elogind series v243 isn’t brand new, and that the first release, v243.4, already happend on January the 6th.

But in the last couple of weeks some serious things happened, which cut my already tiny amount of spare time even shorter.

I will soon write about what happened. Right now the only thing I tell you now is this: From catastrophic events one might pull out something positive.

And now to something completely different: The elogind series v243!

Version 243.4 Release

This is the first release of the new version 243 series.
We start with 243.4 to be in sync with upstream systemd tagging.

The latest upstream commit this version is synced to is

Changes and Additions

  • Support “reboot to firmware” (loginctl option –firmware-setup)
  • loginctl: Show json output if requested even if zero entries
  • Add SetBrightness() bus call for setting brightness of leds/backlight devices associated with a seat
  • Consider “greeter” sessions suitable as “display” sessions of a user
  • sleep: replace rtc wakealarm with CLOCK_BOOTTIME_ALARM s2h
  • busctl: always prefix bus error message with local string
  • Don’t unlink session fifo when exiting elogind, so they survive daemon restarts.
  • hibernate: use swaps in priority order
  • Remove __cpu_mask testing from test-sizeof.c; elogind does not use any cpu_set functions this is needed for.
  • sd_is_mq() now returns -ENOSYS (#146) ; We don’t actually know (or care!) if the argument is a message queue.
  • Add note about build directory placement in README.md (#145)

Fixed Bugs

  • Break off session creation if session_set_leader() fails
  • A few potetial memory leaks have been fixed
  • Fix current virtualbox detection
  • Fix build with compilers with default stack-protector enabled
  • Identify smb3 and ceph as network filesystems
  • Fix emission of PropertiesChanged on seats
  • Fix emission of PropertiesChanged for users
  • Add missing includes for umask() in uaccess-command.c (#141)
  • Added a better ‘broken AF_ALG’ detection (#147)

elogind v243.7 released

This is the second release of the current version 243 series.
We started with 243.4 to be in sync with upstream systemd tagging,.

The latest upstream commit this version is synced to is

Changes and Additions

  • Some unnecessary sources and tools have been removed.
  • Add VARRUN_IS_SYMLINK guard for DEFAULT_SYSTEM_BUS_ADDRESS in bus-internal.h. This brings it in line with src/basic/def.h. – @mbakke (PR #153)
  • Change elogind mask else format to make the upstream commit migration tools more efficient.
    From hereon the format for masking blocks is:
    #if 0 /// reason with the keyword 'elogind' in it
    (...)masked block(...)
    #else // 0
    (...)alternative block for elogind(...)
    #endif // 0

Fixed Bugs

  • Re-enable credential check on suspend/hibernate (#149)
    The reasons why this check was removed, are long gone.
  • Fix compilation with -Defi=false (#150)
  • Add a list item about RemoveIPC to the elogind man page (#151)
    This setting has caused some stormy waves on the Debian bug tracker, so the information is now easier to find.
  • Fix system-sleep and -shutdown hook script handling (#154)
    Hook scripts should work just fine again.

Thanks, guys!

Many thanks to @Cogitri, @joakim-tjernlund, @markhindley, @maxice8 and all the others who helped testing elogind.

You guys are awesome!

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