elogind-241.2 Service Release

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On wednesday the 27th of March 2019, the first service release of the 241 series of elogind was released. This was necessary as there were some really inconvenient issues for package builders. The original release text follows.

Version 241.2 Release

This is the second release of the elogind-241 series, updated to
systemd-stable commit c1f8ff8d0d.


  • Fix some elogind masking issues in the man page xml files
  • Fix building against musl-libc
  • Fix test-mountpoint-util for chroots with incomplete mounts (#127)
  • Fix some errors in the new systemd-journal related man pages

Changes / Additions:

  • Allow fb devices to become master of seat on HyperV and on systems started with nomodeset kernel option.

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