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As you might have noticed, LoSI releases have been stalled unexpectedly. There are quite a couple of reasons, which I would like to address, but only in a very short manner.

Family business

Unfortunately I had some unforeseen family issues, that, naturally, got highest priority. I won’t go into any detail here, but let me assure you, that everything has been settled.

Health issues

I had some nasty, not so unforeseen, health issues I needed to address. I did so and have also, as a side effect, quit smoking several weeks ago. After 29 years this has been a hefty task, one that is still ongoing. But my other health issues have been remedied, and I am really happy about that!

Underestimation of tasks

If you search YouTube for Mass Effect love story videos, you can find single romance videos showing some key scenes. This is all too incomplete, with too few extras, upgrades, mods, and so on, for my liking.

But I had never dreamed of my Tali’Zorah Love Story clip collection growing to a size of almost 2 TiB and over 6 hours of material!
Cutting this down into seven episodes of less than an hour each, was a very difficult task. The whole “Full Love Story” idea was something that I totally underestimated, and I am very sorry that this held up other projects for so long.

Gaining momentum

Currently I try to gain some momentum, LoSI has been stalled unexpectedly and I have to make up some of the lost time, to get back on track.

My original plan was to get Nathan into Mass Effect 2 no later than August, and now he hasn’t even been to Noveria, yet.

I duly hope that I can speed up things a bit, so we can move forward to Mass Effect 2 soon.

Thank you all for your help and support!

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