Welcome to EdenWorX

Why don’t you find a place where to consolidate all the cool stuff you do?

That was the question a friend of mine asked me a while ago. And here it is, the place where to write about it.

So what is this all about?

I am an open source developer, a Gentoo Linux proxy maintainer, a Mass Effect enthusiast, an artist. My name is Sven Eden, and you can read about me on a dedicated “About Me” page.

My most important and most prominent project at the moment is certainly elogind: “The systemd project‘s “logind”, extracted to a standalone package.
Originally invented by Andy Wingo to be used as a systemd-login replacement for use in GuixSD, the OS distribution of GNU Guix, he stopped development in March 2016 at version 219.14.
I then took over in late 2016 and tagged my first update version 226.4 in March 2017 and published my first full release 229.1 in May 2017. Development never stopped thereafter and the project has a talent of keeping me busy.

Another big part of my work is my Gentoo overlay “seden”, that can be accessed by any Gentoo Linux user using its “layman” tool.
It’s first commit dates back to March 2011 when I used it to test new development features of P-UAE and CrystalSpace.

  • Bugs, Injuries and my own Naivety
    What I planed, what held me up, and what is going to happen next.
  • Mass Effect Modding Guides Finished
    After a lot of work my long promised Modding Guides for the Mass Effect original trilogy are now finished. It took a lot longer than anticipated, so I am very happy that they are online now. For easier access I have set up the following shortcuts: Landing Page modding.eden-worx.com Mass Effect 1 Modding Guide modding.eden-worx.com/me1… Read more: Mass Effect Modding Guides Finished
  • Making a Mass Effect Special – It’s Laborious
    Making a Mass Effect Special is a lot of work. Besides from the sheer amount of clips needed, getting them is also quite laborious.
  • LoSI stalled unexpectedly
    As you might have noticed, LoSI releases have been stalled unexpectedly. There are quite a couple of reasons, which I would like to address, but only in a very short manner. Family business Unfortunately I had some unforeseen family issues, that, naturally, got highest priority. I won’t go into any detail here, but let me… Read more: LoSI stalled unexpectedly
  • LoSI Season 02 started with some updates
    There has been some development in the modding scene for Mass Effect 1, and I wanted to include the following two changes before starting with season 2 of “Line of Sight – Infiltrator”.
  • YouTube Channels unified
    The EdenPrimeTime YouTube channels got unified, as I feel that it is much clearer to have only one channel. All current videos are about Mass Effect. It is much clearer and easier to manage the videos using playlists. An additional channel for special videos sounded useful in the beginning, but only adds to the workload.… Read more: YouTube Channels unified
  • LoSI Season 01 Episode 01 released
    Yes, it is done, the very first Episode of “Line of Sight: Infiltrator”, LoSI Season 01 Episode 01 “Eden Prime” has been released.
  • Eden Prime Time “Let’s Play” started
    Sometimes you have to rip your thoughts away from the real world for some recreation.One of my favorite things to do so is playing the Mass Effect Trilogy. As I am rather proficient in modding these games, as a user and not a mod creator, I have decided to publish my game play. This is… Read more: Eden Prime Time “Let’s Play” started
  • Long Time No See!
    My day job kept me in its grip, thanks to the pandemic. It is slowly getting better, and I am struggling to get back on track with my FOSS projects.
  • German is Dead!
    I have removed the Polylang and LocoTranslate plugins. The German translations are gone for good from the PrydeWorX page. Although the “Legal Disclosure” (Impressum) and “Privacy Policy” (Datenschutzerklärung) remain. It is a lot of work to build, feed and maintain such a site. And as long as I have to work full time in a… Read more: German is Dead!
  • Grand Opening
    All legal documents are set. The PrydeWorX site is therefore now officially opened, and this is the very first post to celebrate that.