Welcome to EdenWorX

Why don’t you find a place where to consolidate all the cool stuff you do?

That was the question a friend of mine asked me a while ago. And here it is, the place where to write about it.

So what is this all about?

I am an open source developer, a Gentoo Linux proxy maintainer, a Mass Effect enthusiast, an artist. My name is Sven Eden, and you can read about me on a dedicated “About Me” page.

My most important and most prominent project at the moment is certainly elogind: “The systemd project‘s “logind”, extracted to a standalone package.
Originally invented by Andy Wingo to be used as a systemd-login replacement for use in GuixSD, the OS distribution of GNU Guix, he stopped development in March 2016 at version 219.14.
I then took over in late 2016 and tagged my first update version 226.4 in March 2017 and published my first full release 229.1 in May 2017. Development never stopped thereafter and the project has a talent of keeping me busy.

Another big part of my work is my Gentoo overlay “seden”, that can be accessed by any Gentoo Linux user using its “layman” tool.
It’s first commit dates back to March 2011 when I used it to test new development features of P-UAE and CrystalSpace.