Eden WorX

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Long Time No See!

My day job kept me in its grip, thanks to the pandemic. It is slowly getting better, and I am struggling to get back on track with my FOSS projects.

Blooming Tree 1

elogind series v243 published

Although the elogind series v243 got its first release over a month ago, catastrophic events kept me from writing about it. Find information about the latest two releases now.

Flying Parachute 0

elogind v241.4 released

elogind Version 241.4 Release published The fourth release of the elogind-241 series, updated to systemd-stable commit 323cdf4d4d. Warning: It was reported that waking up from hibernation...


pwxLib Version 0.9.0 Released

Page Contents1 Changes and additions2 Fixes3 List of current TODOs3.1 Porting:3.2 General issues:3.3 Important issues:3.4 Planned features: I am happy to announce, that the PrydeWorX C++...