Bugs, Injuries and my own Naivety

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Hello everybody,

I am very sorry for the longer silence. But bugs, injuries and my own naivety got the better of me. So here are some updates.

What is planned?

Currently I am working on one big, on one very big and on one huge project. All three have in common that I totally underestimated how enormous they would become, so a big chunk of the delay goes totally on my for (still!) being so naive believing I could do such large video projects in much less time than they really need.

What held me up?

Additionally to the real size of those projects, I had an injury and needed foot surgery which kept me away from any computer. I simply could not sit at a desk without excruciating pain.
But the most frustrating time eater is the recording software I use being unreliable since November. It randomly does not start the recording when I tell it to, and freezes sometimes when I stop these fubar recordings. This sometimes means I have to replay long chunks of the games, because the recording failed in an area where I could not quick save. This GitHub Issue describes the problems I have.
As I am a software developer, I started debugging the tool and trying to fix things two weeks ago. And that one is on me, I started two weeks ago, not back in November when the issues started.
But I was so sure the problem was “between chair and keyboard”, I was convinced I messed up some driver update, or the wrong setting somewhere, so my my focus was on that. I lost weeks in the process.

But let’s talk about what is planned.

  1. The story of Victoria Shepard and Liara T’Soni
    I always wanted to make a full love story between Shepard and Liara, and had planned to have a trailer ready by late December or early January. Currently I have almost 300 clips recorded and almost everything for a trailer covered. But for the total I am only at about 60% of the material I need. This project got so incredibly huge, but it will be fantastic.
  2. The Music of the Trilogy
    There are several videos about the Music in the Mass Effect Trilogy out there. But they all miss songs I would’ve liked, have no footage and are of general low quality. I wanted to make my own compilation for years. So while I am recording, if I stumble over some scene relevant to one of the songs I want in those compilations, I record it to save it for later use.
    Music of Mass Effect 1
    Anyway, part 1 of 3 (ME1) is finally finished and uploaded! I will make it public once YouTube has finished their processing.
    But this is something I do “when it fits”, so it will be a while before the other two parts are anywhere near completion.
  3. People of the Citadel
    Ever since Audemus published their phenomenal LE1 Diversification Project, I wanted a video showing off all the great people on the Citadel. Plus a few extras.
    This is the smallest of the three projects, and I think I almost got all shots I need. Unfortunately I am done with all the shots I needed for the other two projects on the Citadel, so to complete it I will have to take some time off the other two some day…

Anything else?

There where other ideas for new #ExLoRoSc videos, and to continue #LoSI and #OBiV, but those had to be put on the waiting list.
Hopefully I can fix some issues soon and get my pace back up. So keep your fingers crossed that I will have less problems with bugs, injuries and my own naivety in the future.

That’s it, folks, that’s the current situation.

Have a nice day and thank you very much for your patience and support!


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