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After a lot of work my long promised Modding Guides for the Mass Effect original trilogy are now finished. It took a lot longer than anticipated, so I am very happy that they are online now.

For easier access I have set up the following shortcuts:

Mass Effect 1 Modding
Mass Effect 2 Modding
Mass Effect 3 Modding

I would like to thank the people on the Mass Effect Modding server on discord for the feedback and additional information.

Although I have added everything from my own personal guides, I am aware there might be bits and pieces missing. So I am still open for feedback, and will always be.

What took me so long?

Well, there are many guides out there. Most are utterly outdated, some are incomplete, some are plain wrong. There are a few good ones out there, but I wanted to add something I couldn’t find elsewhere: Small demo videos showing what we are talking about.

Of course I could not just film my modding sessions and then let the pictures speak for themselves. That would have been counter-productive.

No, I needed to do my first voice-over project ever, and that one was a lot more work than I had ever thought it would.

That’s it?

No, there was another issue. My modding guides have long been written, literally years ago, and where meant for me only. This means that there was always the chance that I would be missing something I simply hadn’t found out, yet.

And thanks to beccatoria from the Mass Effect Modding server on discord, I learned something new about modding Mass Effect 3.

Unfortunately this did not only mean to rewrite large parts of the guide, but also that I had to widely redo four of the seven accompanying videos.

How long did it take?

Well, the guides themselves were done within two weeks. But the overhaul of the ME3 guide and its videos took another week, so it have been three weeks in total.

This was my very first voice-over project, and I felt very uncomfortable when I started, as I really do not like my voice.

In the end, though, it was a very intense and teaching experience making these Mass Effect Modding Guides and their videos.

What about the Legendary Edition?

Once the mods that are most crucial to me are ported and somewhat stable, I will of course add ME:LE to my collection. And once I am comfortable with it I might also add modding guides.

But please understand that I can make no promises right now.

A Making Of

I have filmed over six hours of material while making the ME3 Modding Guide video about Mod Manager, and I am planning of using that footage to create a “Making of”-video.

But I can’t say when I find time for that, as I have several specials in the pipeline, and #LoSI just went ME2, which is very exciting.

All I can say is: It’s done when it’s done.

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