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In the second season of “Line of Sight: Infiltrator” Commander Shepard has to fight the biggest and cruelest monsters he has ever seen.

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Line of Sight: Infiltrator – Season 02

#LoSI Season 02 Episode 01 "The Cipher 2"; Shepards squad fights the Geth infestation on Feros.

Episode 1: The Cipher 2

While fighting the Geth on Feros, Shepard and his squad finally discover what the Geth are after: A creature beyond conventional imagination.

Released on 2021-05-22

#LoSI Season 02 Episode 02 "The Cipher 3"; Shepard finds an unexpected ally with a precious gift.

Episode 2: The Cipher 3

Shepard and his squad have to fight the most unusual and creepy fight of their careers. But it leads them to an unexpected ally, who has a precious gift to offer. Then, Shepard finds himself to be the center of a cat fight, he never saw coming.

Released on 2021-05-30

The following episodes have been recorded with OBS Studio. I have switched from Nvidia RTX Experience, because it can only record in YUV420 with limited color range. OBS Studio allows me to record in YUV444 with full color range. Also I can now record with a higher bit rate. This will hopefully result in higher quality videos in the future. I will use the remaining episodes of LoSI Season 02 to further enhance my techniques.

#LoSI Season 02 Episode 03 "Crime Boss and Misery"; Shepard has to deal with another Crime Boss.

Episode 3: Crime Boss And Misery

One down, one to go. The second Crime Boss at whom Helena Blake pointed, is ready to get taken down. But Shepard and his Crew uncover some other sort of misery on their way.

Released on 2021-06-08

#LoSI Season 02 Episode 04 "The Fan And The Rock"; Shepard learns that Terra Nova is in grave danger

Episode 4: The Fan And The Rock

While on the Citadel, Shepard and his squad meet his biggest fan again, and an old associate of Shepards mother. After talking to his mother, XO Shepard, he discovers that the human colony Terra Nova is in danger to be wiped out. The Normandy instantly sets course to the Exodus Cluster to investigate.

Released on 2021-06-14

#LoSI Season 02 Episode 05 "Skyllian Blitz Aftermath"; X57 and a nuke are connected to Elysium

Episode 5: Skyllian Blitz Aftermath

When uncovering who is behind the attack on X57 and Terra Nova, Shepard finds out that the motives got back to Elysium. The Skyllian Blitz seems to have caused more waves than that, because the Normandy Crew finds even more aftermaths on Agebinium only little later.

Released on 2021-06-23

#LoSI Season 02 Episode 06 "Incursion 1"; The Geth have set up outposts along the Armstrong Cluster.

Episode 6: Incursion 1

Admiral Hackett contacts the Normandy to send Shepard to investigate reports the Alliance got coming in. The Geth have begun setting up a number of small outposts in the Armstrong Cluster of the Skyllian Verge. The Geth may be amassing a large fighting force in the Armstrong Cluster. If true, this could be the precursor to a full on war with the Geth.

Released on 2021-07-05

#LoSI Season 02 Episode 07 "Incursion 2"; Tali approaches Shepard with a very special request.

Episode 7: Incursion 2

The ongoing geth incursion is still not averted, some worlds still have to be freed. While hitting the geth, Shepard an astounding find, which causes Tali to approach Shepard with a special request.

Released on 2021-08-09

#LoSI Season 02 Episode 08 "Another Player"; A husk infestation was caused by a new group: Cerberus

Episode 8: Another Player

The Normandy crew investigates their findings about some secret ExoGeni operations, which they learned about during their battle against the geth on Feros.
It does not only seem that the experiments with the Thorian went far beyond what Shepard and his crew learned so far, but that there is also an unknown group involved, that was not on the radar before: Cerberus.

Released on 2021-08-15

#LoSI Season 02 Episode 09 "Loyalty"; After Garrus, Shepard also helps out his friend Urdnot Wrex.

Episode 9: Loyalty

After helping Garrus finding Dr. Saleon, Shepard decides to help Urdnot Wrex, too. They go after Tonn Actus, a profiteer of the Krogan Rebellion, who got into possession of a Krogan Battle Armor that belongs to Wrex’ family. Another form of Loyalty Shepard finds in the remote Hawking Eta Cluster, to which a ominous message to all Biotics leads. On the Klendagon moon Presrop Major Kyle, an Alliance officer who served during the Siege of Torfan, has amassed a small but fanatical group of biotic followers. He has already killed two Alliance officials sent to investigate their compound.

Released on 2021-08-22

#LoSI Season 02 Episode 10 "The Queen 1"; Geth have been sighted around the corporate world Noveria.

Episode 10: The Queen 1

Noveria is trouble and always has been. The Council has received reports of geth interest in the corporate research colony of Noveria, and Spectres are the only Council agents Noveria will respect. Whe asked about any unusual visitors, the administrative assistant to Administrator Anoleis, chief of the port Hanshan, admits that Matriarch Benezia arrived recently and headed to Peak 15, but explains that Anoleis must approve any request to leave Port Hanshan.

Released on 2021-08-27

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To Be Continued …

After LoSI Season 02 Shepard returns in Season 03

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