elogind v241.4 released

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elogind Version 241.4 Release published

The fourth release of the elogind-241 series, updated to systemd-stable commit 323cdf4d4d.

Warning: It was reported that waking up from hibernation results in a kernel crash on at least one machine when run with a 5.3.x kernel. Kernels <5.3.0 are not affected.


  • cgroup-util: kill also live threads from zombie processe.
  • fix build with compilers with default stack-protector enabled.
  • login/elogind-dbus.c: Wakeup sleeping processes also when suspend/hibernate failed.

Changes / Additions:

  • Upgrade README to README.md and add Travis CI badges for quick status display
  • sd-bus: when running user find function don’t trust the value to be initialized
  • shared/conf-parser: be nice and ignore lines without “=”

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