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Modding Mass Effect is absolutely no rocket science any more. A couple of years ago this was different. Modding was difficult and likely to break your installation. Especially Mass Effect 1 was very tricky. But thanks to the relentless efforts of the modding community, this is no longer the case.

If you have seen any videos on my ept Channel on YouTube, you might also have seen the lists of updates, fixes and modifications at the end of most videos.

The following guides show and explain how I mod my Mass Effect titles to achieve the look’n’feel you can see in my videos.

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Guides to modding Mass Effect

The following guides explain and describe the paths of modding the three original trilogy titles. These are my paths and my selections of modifications. Feel free to use these as your starting point for your own modding experience.

Further guides for the Legendary Edition will follow, once I have switched. But this won’t happen until the most important modifications have been ported, and nobody knows when this will be the case.

The Difference

Here is a small video comparing the vanilla installations with the fully modded variants.

Since the video was produced, there have been many updates to the modifications used, especially those upgrading textures, but it should still give you an impression about the possibilities.

These results are easy to achieve these days, and the modding guides below can help you to get there.

Mass Effect Original vs Modded 1; All three titles in a short comparison video. (EPT Special 01)

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My thanks fly out to all of you awesome modification authors, who invest their own time and resources to create such wonderful gaming experiences for us users.

Special Thanks to Audemus, BlueJay9, C3Anderson, Catachrism, Creative Machinima, CreeperLava, FairfieldFencer, Furinax, Getorex, Jenya, Khali, ME3Tweaks, Mellin, Mgamerz, NoiraFayn and Scottina123.

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