LoSI Season 02 started with some updates

Today LoSI Season 02 officially started, although with some delay due to some updates.

There has been some development in the modding scene for Mass Effect 1, and I wanted to include the following two changes before starting with season 2 of “Line of Sight – Infiltrator”.

  1. Catachrism, the creator of MEUITM, MEUITM2 and other mods, has finished their new Mod MERLIN. This mod fixes several issues, including the distortion of Talis eye on certain camera angles. I opted out of using the new shadow system that comes with it, as the shadows get too pixelated for my taste, but Catachrism also added an option to opt-in on soft shadows like they come with MEUITM.
  2. As there are several places where MXAO for ambient occlusion adds odd patches of darkness, I removed the shader. Instead, I became a supporter of Pascal Gilcher aka “Marty McFly”, who has created a wonderful shader called RTGI. Luckily my hardware can handle it with decent settings on Mass Effect 1, and low settings on Mass Effect 2.

I have still to render a bunch of UNCUT videos of season 1, but this will have to wait. Originally I planned “The Cipher” to be a double episode for season transition, but ended S01E10 too early, so it will be a tripple episode.

Have fun and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! ­čśë

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