PrydeWorX Library has a new home

I am pleased to announce, that the PrydeWorX Library has now a new home: Right here at!

Of course the sources are still wide open, please check out GitHub at

And the pwxLib has its first official release as a real library at The last JBoH variant is also listed, for possible future reference.

There isn’t much to say, yet. A lot had to be done to turn the old JBoH mess into a real library. But I will write about that later.

For now it is most important, that the tools are gone. They will get their own repositories. This will allow more flexibility, as the old layout meant you had to build them all or none.

There is one drawback to this early release. The configuration file handler hasn’t been ported, yet. And I have to admit, that I will have to start the SimplexTextureCreator from scratch. But nevertheless, it’s going forward!

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